Happy happy and vintage dresses

Finally autumn are in coming and I have finally moved to a bigger apartment! Hurray! I’m really happy and it feels amazing! And it’s not far away from my gym,it’s like 8 minutes away! 

The other thing is that I have one wardrobe for all my vintage dresses and I realize that I have to many of them. Anyone who’s intressted just comment with your email and I will send you pictures and price,the will be sheep,better someone love them and use them!Same about shoes and coats… 


All I have on my mind is tea, just tea

Well it´s just tea and sleep! I´m working night and meanwhile, I caught a cold! I have fever and sneeze all over the place. But I did find honey in the kitchen area. Some lovely person have leave honey! (Thank you person unknown) Immediately after the job I will run home and sleep. And hopefully I will wake up to no cold, if I´m that lucky….

I´m so sorry it´s have been a while seense last blogposts. I need to shape up on that point a lot I think….But don´t worry I will bomb my blog with posts as soon I get the internet at my flat to work! It will be alot to show you guys,but my questen to you are: What do you want to read in my blog or what do you want me to post? Topic,outfits,makeup, my vintage dresses and shoes? Give me some tips and trix please.