The day goes on

Well October and the beginning of November have been both wonderful and horrible. One of my friends past away and it did come as a chock. I have change work and other stuff with the army. 

Last night I hade to turn my night to day again becuse I work nights this week. I started to make cookies for a hole army and on top of that I made ice cream and fudge. I like to bake,I forget about everything else and stop thinking. But on the other hand I don’t eat the stuff I make😂

Another lovely thing is that when I woke up this after none I looked out the window and watched all the snow,I love snow! ❄️


Welcome Autumn


At last, autumn is here. It means candlelights, open fire and knitted sweaters. But above all that, the nature changes color one last time and it’s mushroom picking and berry picking. Autumn is one of the absolute best seasons and most cozy. Summer in all glory with the warmth and the sun but the autumn still has its charm. Everyone who knows me knows I love the fall.


One day I won’t drink my coffee alone 

One day I won’t drink my coffee alone anymore. This is one thing I really miss,to have someone I can drink coffee/tea with and just chat a early/late morning. Someone who ask you have your day was,those little things are stuff I miss at most by living alone. 

I’m not home so often when I have free time or a long weekend.I go to parents house just to be able to eat breakfast with my whole family and not alone. I like to be in my best friends apartment and sleep over even if I’m a early morning person I wait to he wake up before I drink my coffee,just so small stuff can make my entire day so much better. I appreciate the small things in life more and more. A little morning text or a text can change your day a lot.

I think almost everyone in life forget those little things in life. We should enjoy them and appreciate them even more. Just a smile and a hello can change the day for your coworker or that little text you send in the morning to just ask something/tell something funny means: I think about you.

So to all you girls and boys who are drinking your coffee or tea alone in the morning,we are alone together so technically we are not alone, if you think of it like that. Don’t misunderstand me I love to live alone it’s awesome but sometimes it would be amazing to be able to choose if you want to be alone or not in the morning.

All I have on my mind is tea, just tea

Well it´s just tea and sleep! I´m working night and meanwhile, I caught a cold! I have fever and sneeze all over the place. But I did find honey in the kitchen area. Some lovely person have leave honey! (Thank you person unknown) Immediately after the job I will run home and sleep. And hopefully I will wake up to no cold, if I´m that lucky….

I´m so sorry it´s have been a while seense last blogposts. I need to shape up on that point a lot I think….But don´t worry I will bomb my blog with posts as soon I get the internet at my flat to work! It will be alot to show you guys,but my questen to you are: What do you want to read in my blog or what do you want me to post? Topic,outfits,makeup, my vintage dresses and shoes? Give me some tips and trix please.


My mornings when I have a day of


Candels and tea! And if it´s still dark outside always candels to get the morning even more cozy,blanket and a magazine or a book to read. When I feel fit fot the day I gett dress and plan my day.


And pretty much I end up reading books of how to style you home vintage or well anything about vintage and 50´s. To get som inspiration for my mini apartment and what kind of smart solutions to make my home feel bigger and look even more vintage. Some times I find something I love and make a DIY project of it.

Good morning rainy day


Woke up early this morning to thesound of the rain. Wet and grey outside and that means i will not go outside. I need a relaxing day to drink tea and red a book and every one know that it´s bullshit! I will organize my dressing table and maybe sew a new skirt. Relaing is not my thing, I love to do stuff all the time. I have about 1000000 project running all the time. When it´s a grey and rainy day like this I´m more creative and well yes I drink more tea.


Sick and that´s not my thing

This being cold and having fever ‘ is not really my thing. This to rest and be still is not my thing. I always have lots of things to do and never sit still on my ass . But now involuntarily I lie in bed and ready just to go out to the kitchen to make tea. This is unsustainable ! I hope I’m healthy enough to go back to my job tomorrow!

So just because I suffer from being sick so I will throw in inspirational images and the same time , I have uploaded a brand new design . If you can not see it update the page a few times so it should go! ❤

9489305f3afb21960307f311940ac6b7qlarge (1)horsiewesti

Pincurls,rain and the feeling of autumn


Well i have think all the day of pincurls. So i wash my hair when I Went home but then in the moment I look outside its raining. Not just a inicent summer rain, more like a heavy autumn rain. And the feeling for me right now is autumn and the summer is not completly here yet…. So insted of pincurl my hair I drink tea and browse around the internet for autumn clothes and outfit idés. But I really hope for the summer to arrive. I want to wear my dresses and skirts in flirty colors and thin materials. Summernights and lovely days at the beach. At the moment it feels far far away.

Hope the weather gets better soon and the warmth gets back quick. I want my barbie dresses and my hair in lovely updos with flowers. Please be sunny!