My mornings when I have a day of


Candels and tea! And if it´s still dark outside always candels to get the morning even more cozy,blanket and a magazine or a book to read. When I feel fit fot the day I gett dress and plan my day.


And pretty much I end up reading books of how to style you home vintage or well anything about vintage and 50´s. To get som inspiration for my mini apartment and what kind of smart solutions to make my home feel bigger and look even more vintage. Some times I find something I love and make a DIY project of it.


Although October is not completely over yet , I have last week just wishing for snow. Started planning the Christmas baking early as this weekend ( ? !) And so is my boyfriend and I have already started making our own Christmas cards. I know we will not make it otherwise, and then there will be chaos and I want to avoid it. Better to start early. I will start with the gifts also soon just to get everything ready in time.I love October and especially  autumn . It is my season. But because there is always such a hysteria of Christmas each year , I intend to be completed before it kicks off in . However it can snow be happy to come in mid-November or the first week hahaha but no mid-November is the best. Then I have time to enjoy even more of Fall!Actually we have candlelights on all year round but as soon as it began to get dark out, we lit all the candles to make it cozy inside when we both love the candleslights. Now, when it is already dark when we return home, we are hardly through the door before we (read I ) has lit every candle I can find at home . What is missing is a fireplace.When we in future  will move to a house in the country , I have only one requirement of the house: a fireplace! Out on the plot , I would have forests, fields and meadows. Preferably near to the lake , but most of all I want my  own stable .


In Sweden it tomorrow All Hallows Eve . According to tradition, so you go to the cemetery and light candles at the graves and remember their family members who have passed away . In my family we go around to all the cemeteries where we have a relative and light a candle and then home and eat dinner with the family that lives . In the rest of the world celebrates Halloween for tradition and it is one that many Swedes have taken after but many young people have forgotten what all the saints evening is that is an ancient tradition in Sweden . For my part, I will light candles of my animals and at home for those who passed away and take a calm evening.