Ordered little new

Ordred little new to my wardrobe. Just basics stuff, like a new blouse and a new dress. From Johannas Rockabilly.


Link: Red blouse


Link Suki Tiki Dress


The feeling in summer

It’s 16 degrees outside in July and it’s depressing. It is now summer will be here in earnest , but instead it is rain, wind and thunderstorms . Some people think I’m nuts already starting to think about autumn clothes and cozy evenings both inside and out for a walk in the woods . I can take it , but given the weather , it’s no wonder I and Sandra already think that it’s autumn outside and ready for coats and scarves.


Pincurls,rain and the feeling of autumn


Well i have think all the day of pincurls. So i wash my hair when I Went home but then in the moment I look outside its raining. Not just a inicent summer rain, more like a heavy autumn rain. And the feeling for me right now is autumn and the summer is not completly here yet…. So insted of pincurl my hair I drink tea and browse around the internet for autumn clothes and outfit idés. But I really hope for the summer to arrive. I want to wear my dresses and skirts in flirty colors and thin materials. Summernights and lovely days at the beach. At the moment it feels far far away.

Hope the weather gets better soon and the warmth gets back quick. I want my barbie dresses and my hair in lovely updos with flowers. Please be sunny!

10 problems for a vintage/rockabilly girl

Most of you probably recognize yourselves in these points. There are some things that irritate and sometimes hamper the style . Below you can see some things that bother me . Do you recognize you, or do you have something else that bothers you?

1. hairpins always disappears 200 to 2 l eftor just when looking for the hairpins and find 4 but 3 of them are broken …

2. Find the perfect hair spray , preferably a waterproof .

3. Weather and wind. I love the fall and winter . Snow Storm and rain . But when I got my hair in a perfect hairdo or perfect curls .

4. Find clothes and shoes for every season . Especially winter and autumn , I find it difficult to dress . Mostly because usually all the rockabilly summer clothes tailored .

5. Get perfect curls without becoming tangled or 80´s poodle.

6. That you almost always see / feel dressed up even though you are not.

7. Find comfortable but stylish shoes !!!!

8. You own several hair flowers than you can use in a year.

9. Get smooth eyeliner vings every day … I have days when it look like a five year old have tried to do my eyeliner.

10. Find a pillbox hat with a black veil . Feels like an impossibility right now. Anyone know where to find it?






Makeup – Marilyn Monroe