The day goes on

Well October and the beginning of November have been both wonderful and horrible. One of my friends past away and it did come as a chock. I have change work and other stuff with the army. 

Last night I hade to turn my night to day again becuse I work nights this week. I started to make cookies for a hole army and on top of that I made ice cream and fudge. I like to bake,I forget about everything else and stop thinking. But on the other hand I don’t eat the stuff I make😂

Another lovely thing is that when I woke up this after none I looked out the window and watched all the snow,I love snow! ❄️


Friday of awesome chill

My bestfriend pickt me up at work and we went to Ikea, just for look but uhm yeah that dident went so well…. I bought a frying pan, a big one! And then  storage gadgets so I get my order in one cupboard at home, there is chaos there right now.

Dinner in the making and the master chef told me to sit on my ass and drink my wine,well and that was the only thing I did,pretty awesome if you ask me.

And here is my best friend in the whole wide world. I always the get the question is it possible to just be friends with a dude? Yes stupid most of my friends are dudes and my best friend is a dude.


And this deer are so cute, watched them when I was drinking my coffe and the played around in the snow.

Notebooks and pencils

Well after a mental breakdown (happens to be alot last weeks) i Took My ass and walk down to a hobbystore. Notebooks and pencils with polkadots. Hope this Will make me write again and get My life back on track. At the moment I feel like a ghost and Im more sensitive then ever and thats bad,really bad! 

And today I sent back to the gym and took a 3 hour long walk in the sun to think a lot and listen to music.


My mornings when I have a day of


Candels and tea! And if it´s still dark outside always candels to get the morning even more cozy,blanket and a magazine or a book to read. When I feel fit fot the day I gett dress and plan my day.


And pretty much I end up reading books of how to style you home vintage or well anything about vintage and 50´s. To get som inspiration for my mini apartment and what kind of smart solutions to make my home feel bigger and look even more vintage. Some times I find something I love and make a DIY project of it.

One of my favorite blogs


I want her warderobe amd her house! The blog is amazing,she write about burlesque,interior,raw food and girly stuff like makeup and shoes. She take amazing pictures and I love the cozy feeling and inspo to my home and how to dress.She livs in Scandinavia and thats even more perfect,same season, Freelancersfashion



When the winter arrivde…..


When winter finally arrived with the snow and the cold , I was still not ready .(Well it was about 4 weeks ago but…) Although I always preper for winter . So from +6 degrees to -23 overnight is quite a big difference. Last weeks I’ve lived in my jacket and my uggs . The strength to even make my self look good, hair or dressing well is not my priority, not right now , I will do everything to avoid freezing! Looks like I’m going on an expedition in Antarctica, but it’s better than freezing!

I love winter, but I hate to freeze ! Being outside on a sunny winterday absolutely stunningly beautiful if you go for a walk in the woods . Everything is white and the snow sparkles . Or late nights out when looking at the stars and drink hot chocolate. Lit candles inside and wearing pajamas all day. But most of all I like to be out in the winter. Crisp air with a sparkling white landscape.

The christmas is just around the corner of my house

Well I guess that the snow will arrive like BAAAAAMMMM and everything is white and cold. Or maybe I hope….. i did just finish my gingerbread so on saturday me and the guy will bake it out! I have already made the swedish saffronbuns Lussekatter earlier this week. to soon but hell noI need to make every single thing now or I will never finsih it! this weekend I will try to find christmas gift to and hopefuly find a medium grey wiggel dress. I know how the dress look like but i cant find it any were. Pretty annoying when I want that dress. Santa (more like MOOOM) I want a grey nice wiggle dress this christmas.I looking forward to this weekend to just funny stuff to do! Have you start the christmas baking and shopping jet?

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