Restart my self for next week

This weekend I have almost only just been sleeping! And I’m not that person who sleep a lot at all! Well maybe it’s because I had the flu and not 100% fit for fight from it. Today I visit my grand mothers mother and had lunch with her and my parents and after that went home and just laying here half dead. Looking at Grease and flipping around with my phone and surfing. Pretty comfy but on the other way I’m tired and bored hahaha! 

But I have find little inspiration to do some DIY projects and paint some of my furniture and so on. Pinterest is an amazing and dangerous app. I have found so many awesome DIY projects I want to do. Not just home decor and so but even clothes from the 1930’s era and the 1940’s! 

Lately I have been a huge fan of the 30’s-40’s style its something special with it. I do love the 50’s,but those to other eras inspire me to a lot. Well I think it’s time to start with all my DIY projects who have been banned to a box for the last year and pick up the things and let the magic begins in this boring and really grey January without snow!!


Back but not in black

Well for the last 14 days I have tried to dress up in color! It´s hard because I always dress in black and 99% of my wardrobe are black. Black is my favorite color and It´s hard to try lighter colors like grey,with,navy blue and army green and of course white, but white is a okey color, I almost like it. So for my now its t try to dress my self in lighter and colors. And yes it can be boring with black all the time, but I feel more comfortably in black so this will be a project for me this spring/summer…..



But my hair will turn even lighter and I think this is something like a new chapter thing in my life, this year have so far been a hell for me and why not change my hair color and my wardrobe to make it a little bit of fun. I have my 2 best girl friends ever Sandra and Connie who have been pushing my forward and make my life a little more sparkling and pink and glamorous

So on my list for must do this!!!!

  • New hair color
  • New wardrobe
  • Get tanned
  • Get even more fit
  • Try to smile more
  • Buy a new liquid lipstick from Kate von D.
  • A new tatto

When you make a big change in your life again

I will not lie, as you guys know,I´dont feel really good at this time in my life. I can´t even see my future. My heart hurts as hell so I decided to make a new and BIG change in my life and that even including goals of this year that i will try to finish. In one year and it will be helping for me in this progres. So what have I done and what is it I going to try to finsih?

What I have done:

Going back to the gym and hit the shit,feeling sore but satisfied.

Foodprep! change every singel thing, no suger,no carbs and so on. Only healty food and food that will help me to rech my goals at the gym.

Throw every singel pice and stuff I don´t use anymore.

2 photoshoot booked one in february and the other one in marsh!

What I will try to rech:

My driving licens,it´s have been to long….

New apartment and not the small shobox I live in at the moment.

Not work every day

Going away to London

Be sexy as hell! But hey the gym helps 😉

Do you have any goals or dreams you want to came true this year? Or do you have something else you want to make for your self?


I will not drink my morning coffe alone



På lördag slipper jag dricka mitt morgonkaffe i min ensamhet med mina egna tankar och endast radions brus. På lördag kommer världens bästa att sitta mitt emot mig och dricka morgonkaffe. Det kommer äntligen bli lite mera livat den lördag morgonen. Jag kommer vakna upp med ett leende på läpparna, jag kommer skratta. För en gångs skull ska det bli skönt att slippa dricka kaffe ensam en solig morgonen med fåglarna som kvittrar utanför rutan.

large (17)


On Saturday I will not have to drink my morning coffee in my solitude with my own thoughts and only the radio noise in the background. On Saturday, the world’s best will sit opposite me and drink morning coffee. There will finally be a little more merriment on Saturday morning. I will wake up with a smile on my lips , I will laugh. For once, it will be nice to not drinking coffee alone on a sunny morning with the birds singing outside my window.


Love your self

Eftersom jag lever i en hälso/tränings jag ska bli fit och frisk bubbla passade utmaningen från Babypeaches mig perfekt.Man ska skriva fem saker man älskar med sig själv inom fyra rubriker och sedan utmana fem andra,så er jag utmanar är alla ni söta läsare! Ni kan antingen maila mig eller göra ett avtryck i kommentarerna för jag vill gärna läsa era svar!


5 Saker jag är bra på:

-Skriva, jag borde blivit författare

-Hår,jag är ju grym.Kanske för att jag är frisör…

-Teckna/måla jag är en kreativ pärla

-Baka, jag älskar att baka och hitta nya recept eller göra om gamla till mera hälsosamma ibland

-Skruva på bilar

5 saker jag gillar med min kropp:

-Min enorma blå dockögon

-Mina öron,dom är spetsiga som på en alv

-Mina handleder



5 saker jag är stolt över:

-Jag tog tjuren vid hornen och kämpar för att bli frisk en gång för alla.

-Att jag är jag oavsätt.

-Släppar mig till gymmet även fast jag är sparris och inte vill.ska bli biff

-Äter frukost

-Hovat in en fastanställning


5 Saker jag är tacksam över:

-Min lägenhet (även om jag hatar den och knappt är där,mitt hem trotts allt)

-Att jag träffat världens bästa person 

-Mina vänner

-Mina djur

-Mina skor!



Since I live in a health / training bubble I took the challenge from Babypeaches <3.You have to write five things you love with your self in four categorys and challenge five other.So the people I want to challenge is every singel one of you guys! You can email your own list to me or link it in teh comment box,I really want to read.

5 Things I’m good at:

-Write, I should have  become a writer

– Hair, I’m the best. Maybe because I’m a hairdresser …

– Draw / paint I am a creative gem

-Bake, I love to bake and find new recipes or redo old to healthier sometimes

-Cars,bith please I can fix my car

5 things I like about my body:

-My Huge blue dolleyes!

-My Ears, they are pointed as on an elf

-My Wrists

Face Shape

– Cheekbones

5 things I’m proud of:

– I took the bull by the horns and struggling to be healthy once and for all.

– That I´m me!

– Pull my shit togheter and go to the gym even if I dont want to

– I eat breakfast every morning and always oatporrige – love it!

– Have a permanent job

5 Things I am grateful for:

-My Apartment (even though I hate it and barely there, my home entrusted is my home and everything)

-That I met the best person ever!

-My Friends

-My pets

-My Shoes!