Restart my self for next week

This weekend I have almost only just been sleeping! And I’m not that person who sleep a lot at all! Well maybe it’s because I had the flu and not 100% fit for fight from it. Today I visit my grand mothers mother and had lunch with her and my parents and after that went home and just laying here half dead. Looking at Grease and flipping around with my phone and surfing. Pretty comfy but on the other way I’m tired and bored hahaha! 

But I have find little inspiration to do some DIY projects and paint some of my furniture and so on. Pinterest is an amazing and dangerous app. I have found so many awesome DIY projects I want to do. Not just home decor and so but even clothes from the 1930’s era and the 1940’s! 

Lately I have been a huge fan of the 30’s-40’s style its something special with it. I do love the 50’s,but those to other eras inspire me to a lot. Well I think it’s time to start with all my DIY projects who have been banned to a box for the last year and pick up the things and let the magic begins in this boring and really grey January without snow!!


Good morning rainy day


Woke up early this morning to thesound of the rain. Wet and grey outside and that means i will not go outside. I need a relaxing day to drink tea and red a book and every one know that it´s bullshit! I will organize my dressing table and maybe sew a new skirt. Relaing is not my thing, I love to do stuff all the time. I have about 1000000 project running all the time. When it´s a grey and rainy day like this I´m more creative and well yes I drink more tea.


Summer,sun and fabrics

OK, I’m kidding . Rather, rain and fabrics. Something like this all summer looked like. The past few days I have been sitting glued to my sewing machine . Failed a blouse for myself . Right now I sew a Hawaiian shirt to my partner but have to wait a bit with it until he is back so I can measure . I should really start my own dress, which is a major project , but it will have to wait a little. Now the sun is shining and I wish I had a garden , but I have a large balcony with a sofa , I ‘ll throw myself down and read a little. Or draw a pattern clear to my bullet bra.


But at the end of the day it will still feel like autumn . When I was walking white the dog it did smell like autumn!   and it was chilly outside . On the other way the summer this year have been really shitty. Not just the weather but anyways I was looking for tickets earlyer to London,Paris and New York. the tickets was not so expensive. What I´m going to do tomorrow is to book a ticket. I feel that its time to travel again just 3-4 days is enough for me. 

So sew it then

Efter att jag insett flera saker i flera månader och irriterat mig på att jag inte hittar det jag söker med den kvalitén jag vill ha så var det bara att gräva fram tyget,hämta symaskinen hos päronen och börja mäta,klippa och nåla.Imorgon syr jag klart den första cirkel kjolen.Ett stört kul mönster men den är sydd på prov.Eller mera som en test fall jag skulle lyckas med det eller inte.Sedan kommer mera tyg hem till mig imorgon och då ska jag ge mig på att sy ett linne med dragkedja i ryggen för rätt passform.Får se hur mycket som sitter kvar i minnet av sömnad…..Sedan imorse håller jag på med en hatt som jag hoppas på att bli klar med redan imorgon på morgonen innan jag ska iväg.

Antingen kommer det gå åt skogen så att jag inte tänker ge mig på det här igen eller så kommer det gå så bra att jag inte kommer sluta sy och blir det det andra så ska jag sy ett par rejäla jeans för sådana jag vill ha finns ju inte! Wish me luck så lovar jag att det färdiga resultatet kommer dyka upp inom dom närmaste dagarna!

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