One day I won’t drink my coffee alone 

One day I won’t drink my coffee alone anymore. This is one thing I really miss,to have someone I can drink coffee/tea with and just chat a early/late morning. Someone who ask you have your day was,those little things are stuff I miss at most by living alone. 

I’m not home so often when I have free time or a long weekend.I go to parents house just to be able to eat breakfast with my whole family and not alone. I like to be in my best friends apartment and sleep over even if I’m a early morning person I wait to he wake up before I drink my coffee,just so small stuff can make my entire day so much better. I appreciate the small things in life more and more. A little morning text or a text can change your day a lot.

I think almost everyone in life forget those little things in life. We should enjoy them and appreciate them even more. Just a smile and a hello can change the day for your coworker or that little text you send in the morning to just ask something/tell something funny means: I think about you.

So to all you girls and boys who are drinking your coffee or tea alone in the morning,we are alone together so technically we are not alone, if you think of it like that. Don’t misunderstand me I love to live alone it’s awesome but sometimes it would be amazing to be able to choose if you want to be alone or not in the morning.


All I have on my mind is tea, just tea

Well it´s just tea and sleep! I´m working night and meanwhile, I caught a cold! I have fever and sneeze all over the place. But I did find honey in the kitchen area. Some lovely person have leave honey! (Thank you person unknown) Immediately after the job I will run home and sleep. And hopefully I will wake up to no cold, if I´m that lucky….

I´m so sorry it´s have been a while seense last blogposts. I need to shape up on that point a lot I think….But don´t worry I will bomb my blog with posts as soon I get the internet at my flat to work! It will be alot to show you guys,but my questen to you are: What do you want to read in my blog or what do you want me to post? Topic,outfits,makeup, my vintage dresses and shoes? Give me some tips and trix please.


Morning coffe in a sunny kitchen


Städat och plockat sedan 07:00 imorse! Varför gick ens upp då? Ingen anning. Dock börjar jag inte förns 13:00 kommer bli en lång dag det här! 😛


Being up since 07:00 and thats to early but i started to clean up my apartment before my morning coffe! Gonna be a long day. Start working 13:00!