Welcome Autumn


At last, autumn is here. It means candlelights, open fire and knitted sweaters. But above all that, the nature changes color one last time and it’s mushroom picking and berry picking. Autumn is one of the absolute best seasons and most cozy. Summer in all glory with the warmth and the sun but the autumn still has its charm. Everyone who knows me knows I love the fall.



Restart my self for next week

This weekend I have almost only just been sleeping! And I’m not that person who sleep a lot at all! Well maybe it’s because I had the flu and not 100% fit for fight from it. Today I visit my grand mothers mother and had lunch with her and my parents and after that went home and just laying here half dead. Looking at Grease and flipping around with my phone and surfing. Pretty comfy but on the other way I’m tired and bored hahaha! 

But I have find little inspiration to do some DIY projects and paint some of my furniture and so on. Pinterest is an amazing and dangerous app. I have found so many awesome DIY projects I want to do. Not just home decor and so but even clothes from the 1930’s era and the 1940’s! 

Lately I have been a huge fan of the 30’s-40’s style its something special with it. I do love the 50’s,but those to other eras inspire me to a lot. Well I think it’s time to start with all my DIY projects who have been banned to a box for the last year and pick up the things and let the magic begins in this boring and really grey January without snow!!

My weekend

On Friday authentic to my best friend to watch his new apartment. Talk and eat dinner. Good start to the weekend! 🙂

(the golden one and the red are new)

On Saturday, I went early to Hedemora vintage fair so it was just to get up at early hangover and meet up Jocke in Uppsala. Bought a lot of nice things including a nice party dress from the 1940s. A lamp and two thermoses. Coffee anyone?

After we had been around in Hedemora we went down to the sala and found a barn where they sold lot of fun things. Got me among other things, a really fine powder compact from the 1930s for a few pennies. After Sala so it was back to Uppsala and then I went straight to Patrik. We played real discs with real music and talked about so that young people did 60-70 years ago. And for some reason we started to imitate Jönssonligan ….. Hahahaha top weekend simply. I also got a record with Jerry Lee Lewis: D I proudly posing in the picture above: D

My basic outfit

It´s still pretty cold outside so today I wear my grey turtleneck top. I love it,so soft and in a perfect grey shade. My pants are from Freddy Wrup in some beige/cream color. Comfy outfit with my (very) high heels.
 And I start to get a booty! I love squats 

#Beyourself #makeyourdreamreal


I will and have always been me. Nothing can change that. But the sad thing is that I see younger girls around me who are some one they are not,why? For me it´s sad to see and I have always be figthing for who I´m and I will not change beacuse the socity want me to be more like every one else. I´m ME and thats way I´m amazing and thats why YOU ARE AMAZING! Be yourself beacuse no one else can be you. If you want to have that sparkling pink skirt when every one else have grey? Have your sparkling pink skirt! I dont care if people like me or not. If they dont thats not my problem at all. Don´t care about what people say all the time. Break free, Be you!


I´m a dreamer. I love to dream about stuff. but very often my dreams becomme my goals in life.Make your dreams in to plans! Do you want to be a rockstar? Make a plan to it! Do you want to be a makeup artist? Go back to school. You can be antything you want if you belive in yourself and really have a plan. I have always walking my own way. If some one have told me you can´t do it, it will never work and so on I have just been thinking ”fuck this I will make it”. Nothing can stop me, give me 500 No and I will scream I MADE IT after try 501. Never let any one or anything stop you to becomme the rockstar in you own life. In my life I`M the rockstar who control everything I can control. Guess what!?  I´m much more happy than ever. The sky has no limits and not my dreams or plans have limits. I will walk my own way to the end of time and you should do the same.

my week so far

Monday grey and coffee stronger Than the darkest night!


Got some of My new pics from sundays photoshoot.

Worked late and drinking hot coco

Made up a plan for the rest of this year 

More pics.

You can become every thing you want just belive in your self!

  Tryed Dunkin donut for the first time. To sweet for My taste
New makeup for this geek and a new haircut I did Even made new nails!

Glamour and luxury in life when it’s gray

So well at the moment where I think every single day is grey and most of the time when I don´t work is borring and (well I have stuff to do like laundry) nothing to do. I thinking about to put more glam and luxury to my life. Why not? Luxury and glam can be more than a new really expensive bag or shoes…. Here is my little list of glamor and luxury in my life.


Champange!  Yes you heard me,this bubbli stuff is perfect. The day have been crapy or you just want to celebrate the weekend or just ad some sparkle to a dinner with your friends. And Yes I have always a bottle of champange home,you never knew when it´s time to celebrate something!

large (18)Manikyr! Who wants unsightly nails? With nail polish that peels ? Not me! Off with the old nailpolish and put some new on. Trust me you will feel better and it looks so much better. Do it home or go to a saloon.


Buy flowers and set in vases. No they don´t live for long but for me this is they way to keep my window bright and the smell of fresh flowers is awesome. I love flowers a lot, my favorite rose is a big dark red rose almost black.


A big cup of real tea! Not the one you find in the ordinary grocery store,the one you will find iat the tea shop. A bit more expensive BUT the taste and all the flavours you can choose is like 25000 more. It´s real tea not the thing they called tea….


Clean your face and put on some facemask and use facecreams from Lush! ❤ Lush is the best even my shampoo and conditioner is from them.

IMG_0699When the days and the mornings get lighter and warmer. Take your coffe and breakfast outside with your love or friend. Only if the sun i shinig outside.


Why have a really borring pyjamas? Okey i love to walk around in my nightwear but hey cotton pyjamas with smurfs on….ehum not fancy! Choose sheer vintage nightgowns and dresses. This wind found here


When you make a big change in your life again

I will not lie, as you guys know,I´dont feel really good at this time in my life. I can´t even see my future. My heart hurts as hell so I decided to make a new and BIG change in my life and that even including goals of this year that i will try to finish. In one year and it will be helping for me in this progres. So what have I done and what is it I going to try to finsih?

What I have done:

Going back to the gym and hit the shit,feeling sore but satisfied.

Foodprep! change every singel thing, no suger,no carbs and so on. Only healty food and food that will help me to rech my goals at the gym.

Throw every singel pice and stuff I don´t use anymore.

2 photoshoot booked one in february and the other one in marsh!

What I will try to rech:

My driving licens,it´s have been to long….

New apartment and not the small shobox I live in at the moment.

Not work every day

Going away to London

Be sexy as hell! But hey the gym helps 😉

Do you have any goals or dreams you want to came true this year? Or do you have something else you want to make for your self?