In my summer makeup bag!


In my makeup bag on the summer I don´t have much makeup at all! On the days I only wear mascara and eyebrow pomade. Perhaps a little liptint and of course sunscreen spf 50! Protect your skin inte sun girls! I don´t like to wear much makeup on regular base inly at partys/photoshoots. But at the summer I highly dislike to use it. It can destroy your skin and give pigment spots. Thats why I use as little as possible. Back to my make up bag!

The day makeup:

Red liptint, mascara and eyebrow pomade , sunscreen. This is just the basic for a day in the sun or at carshows.

The party/night makeup:

I got easily tan even under a parasol (?!) so here is what I use for my makeup at nights.

Sunpowder, hihlighter, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pomade and lipstick. And it´s my red lipstick from m.a.c cosmetic in the color Ruby Whoo . Sometimes I use eyelashes but thats not often  at all. My own are long enough.


How do you use your make up in the summer?

My new glasses

A friend of mine and the owner of the shop Lyckliga Bönan (<- link! you should visit her store)  have the coolest glasses I’ve seen  before . I also wanted glasses like that,the real deal but since they are from the 1950s , it would be  impossible to find the same kind of glasses. However, as I was looking through the whole internet and I found a pair of identical solid brown !

glajjor1 glajjor2

Morning coffe in a sunny kitchen


Städat och plockat sedan 07:00 imorse! Varför gick ens upp då? Ingen anning. Dock börjar jag inte förns 13:00 kommer bli en lång dag det här! 😛


Being up since 07:00 and thats to early but i started to clean up my apartment before my morning coffe! Gonna be a long day. Start working 13:00!