Autumn I hope you are coming with suprices 

I really hope this autumn will give me suprices,happiness,love and a lot of laughing. Just be wonderful and give me some lovely memories. ✨🍁🍂☕️🎃🍷🍄


Well hello blondie!

Well I needed a hugh change and a makeover. so I made a call to the worlds best hairdresser and friend Christoffer. My hair were yellow/copper and blah blah something and the color were boring as hell. I only know 2 things! Get blonde but not platinum blonde.

And as always he got free hands (i only trust Christoffer when it comes to my hair) and I LOVE MY HAIR!!!!!! Thanks again Christoffer ❤

Christoffer have been my hairdresser for years and every time my hair looks perfect even if I don´t know what I want he always knows what I want but he is the best and my friend. If you want a great hairdresser in Stockholm,Sweden just comment or mail me and I will give you the adress and number.


Julklappstips nr 5 – Tjejkväll/Kompishelg

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Ge dig själv och bästa vännerna en tjejhelg! Åk till någons landställe eller ta in på hotell i en helt annan stad.Umgås,prata och ha roligt.Om ni inte har råd med SPA så köp med hårinpackning,ansiktsmasker och ha SPA hemma eller på hotellrummet och fixa varandras naglar,hår.Ta med en flaska bubbel eller läsk.Det blir en julklapp från er alla till er alla.Att umgås med sina bästa vänner!