Autumn I hope you are coming with suprices 

I really hope this autumn will give me suprices,happiness,love and a lot of laughing. Just be wonderful and give me some lovely memories. ✨🍁🍂☕️🎃🍷🍄


Welcome Autumn


At last, autumn is here. It means candlelights, open fire and knitted sweaters. But above all that, the nature changes color one last time and it’s mushroom picking and berry picking. Autumn is one of the absolute best seasons and most cozy. Summer in all glory with the warmth and the sun but the autumn still has its charm. Everyone who knows me knows I love the fall.


My training for the next months

run, running, and fitness-bild

I´m back in my training bubble again and it feels amazing. This last week I have been at gym 6 days and it feel normal for me again. I´m a horsegirl and have my own horse since 10 years back so build up the muscles at the gym make me a better dressagerider and more stable on the horseback.

I will continue to train hard with me and my horse 5-6 days a week and the gym 5-6 days a week. One rest day is the plan maybe two.

I train my whole body . Both fitness and strength . Something I’ll get better at this fall is to start jogging more out in the forest . Loves jogging in the sunset or sunrise in the fall so it’s something I’m actually going to try to do very much.You who have followed my blog for a while knows that I fight against eating disorders and that training has been my way to be healthy . But also to cope more , today I feel very good physically and is happier because I can ride much more and bothered all the more.

You who do not have the desire to learn about training and so just scroll down to the next post ❤

As pinupa model and rockabilly you want curvs and yes I have it but I do not have a butt 😦 I’m training to get a butt and nice legs ! You who have a butt of nature be happy because I’m jealous! My training they coming months will consist of jogging and focus on training up my strength in the arms and building a butt! : D

And long walks in the forest…

When the winter arrivde…..


When winter finally arrived with the snow and the cold , I was still not ready .(Well it was about 4 weeks ago but…) Although I always preper for winter . So from +6 degrees to -23 overnight is quite a big difference. Last weeks I’ve lived in my jacket and my uggs . The strength to even make my self look good, hair or dressing well is not my priority, not right now , I will do everything to avoid freezing! Looks like I’m going on an expedition in Antarctica, but it’s better than freezing!

I love winter, but I hate to freeze ! Being outside on a sunny winterday absolutely stunningly beautiful if you go for a walk in the woods . Everything is white and the snow sparkles . Or late nights out when looking at the stars and drink hot chocolate. Lit candles inside and wearing pajamas all day. But most of all I like to be out in the winter. Crisp air with a sparkling white landscape.

Rain rain and more rain

Min utsikt hela dagen.Spöregnar ute och jag är råförkyld så det är ju passande väder.Jag har hängt i soffan hela dagen och det enda jag lyckats göra är att måla naglarna ilsket röda.Dock är jag ensam hemma vilket är tråkigt så försöker roa mig på bästa sätt med filmer.

Raining outside and im sick.

Rainy day and messy hair


Håret på en tre kvart och regnet som smatrar mot fönstret.Härligt.Min årstid är här.Någon dag ska jag försöka få med mig kameran när jag är ute i skogen och går omkring.Det är så vackert ute i naturen nu.Allt exploderar i härliga färger och man kan hitta svamp! Jag är ingen fantast på att äta svampar men jag älskar att plocka svampar.Bland det bästa jag vet är att plocka kantareller och lingon.För man kan vara i skogen hur länge som helst då.Med sällskap om man har tur….Trotsar regnet jag ska ut och gå en promenad.Vi hör lite senare!