Back on track

It feels good to be back at the gym and train even harder then before. I have a goal and yesterday it was like ”well I’m not fit,I don’t have a nice ass” but ehum I should actually take a look and see were I started my journey. If you look at he pictures you can see the big different…the left one is 2013/2014 and my weight was around 43 kilo (at my lowest weight it was 41kilo) and it was not healthy at all,just sick and then you have the right one from September 2017,health a hell lot of more muscles and a weigh of 70 kilo. It’s a huge difference and I have been to blind or my progress to se it.

From just drinking coffe,tea and eat a apple and some yoghurt to eating 6 times a day. I feel so munch better now and I will never ever go back. I want more muscles and a even more toned body and ass. I have also found a new totally awesome and funny program for both legs and booty! Woohoo on Saturday it’s leg day again and I can’t wait for it!😋😋


Fitness talk/stuff

One thing I have reacted on is that almost every single fitness blogger/Instagram/YouTube girl who have a awesome great booty say do this and buy my booty program for 12 weeks and then you will have a booty like me. But no you can’t grove a booty like that in just 12 weeks and it’s even genetic and individual for every one. 

Yes the exercises are great they really are but to actually build a booty like that take about 2-3 years and a lot of fuel. It’s BIG muscles and they need fuel and not salad and some skinny diet. And as I mentioned above its individual for each person.

I didn’t go from normal size to fit. I was just skin and bone when I started. I have come pretty far in my fitness journey but I still have a long way ahead. I have easy to growe muscles and I actually EAT normal food,good food and protein shakes based on natural protein and so on.

I hope that all of you understand that it takes time to build up a strong healthy body. It can take a year or years but you can not rush it. Another important thing is that you don’t really need every single extra thing every company and friends tell you! 

With great food and snacks (fruit/nuts) and protein shakes you  don’t need so much more than that. Great food gives you the right fuel you need. And it’s okay to have a cheat day. 

Remember to eat healthy food,drink water,sleep and only do this for your self and don’t compare yourself with other people only with yourself. 

The gym = clear my head

After a bunch of bad news and another heartbreaking news (again) I still have the gym. Feels like my home at some moments. Last night (I´m kind of crazy) when my tears streaming from my eyes I went out for a long run,trying to clear my mind. To put all the pieces of all news and shit together. It diden´t help as much as i hoped for.

Today at my lunch I went down to the gym. Almost at the same moment a walk t in I could feel my brain slowdown,my body relax and a moment of calm surround me. Like a warm hug. This is a big part of me, it´s here all those months when I started to give up on my self I was here and I did not give up. I created my self here when I had hit the bottom of life so hard. No plans in my life,i was so sad that I cried all the time. But the gym was always there for me. Never asked me silly quietens and did always understand.

I started 2 years ago to be healthy but for 3 months ago or maybe 4 I told my self to create a new me a better me. I have not done this just to prove that I can but even (if you read this you knew who you are) so you could see me in the right way, who I really are and how healthy and strong I have become and that I´m that person who always smile and laugh.

But now this is just for me,myself and I. The person I´m right now is Anna 2.0 the best of me and I´m going to be better. When I started this journey after hitting the rock bottom I only knew that this was my only choose to survive. 2 years (almost little shorter) later I look back at old photos and just OMG did i look like that!? Just a skeleton with skin on!? Eeeuuuwww. Today miss hourglass figure is here to stay but need even more muscles and become stronger before I can feel satisfied.

But look at the picture above and the once here under. At this point I had already started and this are after I think 1 months of training.The first picture is from 2014 don´t remember when i take it. My weight at the time was 43 kilo and I´m 171 cm tall. Today my weight is around 63 kilo after 2 years and it´s 20 kilo more and it´s muscles and a more healthy body and stronger than ever, I love my new hourglass body and I got a BOOTY and BOOBS! It´s a pretty big change and i like the new me better.wpid-img_20140528_210237.jpgjas4

I can see the big different and I feel it. This is what the gym help me  with.  The gym have been here all the time and the gym have never disappoint me . Even if I´m sad I go to the gym, even if I´m happy I go to the gym. I helps me to clear my mind and calm me down. It makes me to feel and be better. My husband/lover/boyfriend and my long lifetime relationship is the gym now and forever. Always has and will always be.


My training for the next months

run, running, and fitness-bild

I´m back in my training bubble again and it feels amazing. This last week I have been at gym 6 days and it feel normal for me again. I´m a horsegirl and have my own horse since 10 years back so build up the muscles at the gym make me a better dressagerider and more stable on the horseback.

I will continue to train hard with me and my horse 5-6 days a week and the gym 5-6 days a week. One rest day is the plan maybe two.

I train my whole body . Both fitness and strength . Something I’ll get better at this fall is to start jogging more out in the forest . Loves jogging in the sunset or sunrise in the fall so it’s something I’m actually going to try to do very much.You who have followed my blog for a while knows that I fight against eating disorders and that training has been my way to be healthy . But also to cope more , today I feel very good physically and is happier because I can ride much more and bothered all the more.

You who do not have the desire to learn about training and so just scroll down to the next post ❤

As pinupa model and rockabilly you want curvs and yes I have it but I do not have a butt 😦 I’m training to get a butt and nice legs ! You who have a butt of nature be happy because I’m jealous! My training they coming months will consist of jogging and focus on training up my strength in the arms and building a butt! : D

And long walks in the forest…

WR.UP Freddy = this pants give you an awesome ass!

Yes they are magic okej but not totally magic. I work on my booty at the gym ,about 3-4 times a week. I want a nice ass. But the pants I have don´t show my ass in a good way or if they do they are not so nice on my leggs…. So I have heard a lot about this pants from W.R UP and fitness girls instagram and blog about them, they love them. Well they look nice sooo I orderd 3 pants. Dark grey, Dark green and black. But i took low wasted next time i will take high wasted. They are perfect rockabilly/pinup pants to. You don´t need to work out as I do beacuse the will ”highlight” your ass. You feel really pretty in them and want to show your ass more than your boobs, or thats what I´m doing 😉


Heres my ass in this awesome dark grey freddy pants! I HAVE a ass in this pants! And this other pictures under is from One more REP and you can see how the pants are made to show your ass.

22387698-origpic-22207b 22387698-origpic-b50fb6 24233756-origpic-031d5f

I really recomend this pants, they are awesome and they fit really well. You can move in them and you can even work out in them if you want to. For me this is perfect for rockabilly/pinup look and it makes your curves show!

When you make a big change in your life again

I will not lie, as you guys know,I´dont feel really good at this time in my life. I can´t even see my future. My heart hurts as hell so I decided to make a new and BIG change in my life and that even including goals of this year that i will try to finish. In one year and it will be helping for me in this progres. So what have I done and what is it I going to try to finsih?

What I have done:

Going back to the gym and hit the shit,feeling sore but satisfied.

Foodprep! change every singel thing, no suger,no carbs and so on. Only healty food and food that will help me to rech my goals at the gym.

Throw every singel pice and stuff I don´t use anymore.

2 photoshoot booked one in february and the other one in marsh!

What I will try to rech:

My driving licens,it´s have been to long….

New apartment and not the small shobox I live in at the moment.

Not work every day

Going away to London

Be sexy as hell! But hey the gym helps 😉

Do you have any goals or dreams you want to came true this year? Or do you have something else you want to make for your self?