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Todays outfit and quick hairdo✨💋


Hello September


Most of you know that autumn is my favorite season already . Today is the first of September and the rain pouring down outside the window, maybe not so tiptop . But soon all the leaves change to a strong yellow, orange and red colors. Unfortunately, the fall a little short , wish it was longer.So now is the time to dig up jackets , coats and boots from the wardrobe darkest corners and try to find all the mittens, hats and scarves . Before one can blink , it will slap and get cold . Thought for once be preparing and pick up everything before . Although some will deem it too early.Both I and my partner have new positions in the company , which will mean that we will barely have time to prepare lunch boxes . So today we have great shopping and groceries once a week to cook different food boxes . The good thing is that we will of course save more money on food boxes.Another funny thing is that I will stand in a beauty contest with pinup / rockabilly theme this month. My first beauty contest but it will still be fun !

Today is my day of = dig up ALL autumn clothes!

10 problems for a vintage/rockabilly girl

Most of you probably recognize yourselves in these points. There are some things that irritate and sometimes hamper the style . Below you can see some things that bother me . Do you recognize you, or do you have something else that bothers you?

1. hairpins always disappears 200 to 2 l eftor just when looking for the hairpins and find 4 but 3 of them are broken …

2. Find the perfect hair spray , preferably a waterproof .

3. Weather and wind. I love the fall and winter . Snow Storm and rain . But when I got my hair in a perfect hairdo or perfect curls .

4. Find clothes and shoes for every season . Especially winter and autumn , I find it difficult to dress . Mostly because usually all the rockabilly summer clothes tailored .

5. Get perfect curls without becoming tangled or 80´s poodle.

6. That you almost always see / feel dressed up even though you are not.

7. Find comfortable but stylish shoes !!!!

8. You own several hair flowers than you can use in a year.

9. Get smooth eyeliner vings every day … I have days when it look like a five year old have tried to do my eyeliner.

10. Find a pillbox hat with a black veil . Feels like an impossibility right now. Anyone know where to find it?