Christmas is coming 

So it’s already december 3th. Only 21 days to Christmaseve and I’m not done with all the gifts get but I have made lussekatter (Swedish saffron buns) a lot of them. Maybe I should have a small christmasparty so they will end. I can’t bake or make food for 1-3 people I always make for a army!? I’m like my mom in that way,make more than necessary,but I think it’s a good thing….maybe….


Älskade traditioner and Sivlettos christmas market❄️✨☕️

Last sunday my cousin and Sandra and of course I took a trip in to Sivlettis Christmas market. I did only buy a Christmas gift for my father (thanks to the lovely girl who helped me!) and a old record to my self! I’m not going to collect old records as my friend Patrik do but this one was cheap and awesome songs on so….it did just follow me home….

So after an hour or so we went out on the streets and walked in the snowy weather to Älskade Traditioner💕 a lovely and amazing coffee shop. When you walk in it’s like you are back in 1950’s the whole environment is filled with things from that era. A jukebox with records from the time and you can eat lunch,breakfast or just stop by for a milkshake or a coffee and a cookie. We ordered coffee and milkshakes!

Christmas is just around the corner

Christmas is just around the corner. i have already starting my shopping on Christmas gifts early as always. Every year I start in October to buy the gifts and planing everything. Why? I HATE the stress around Christmas! Every year the same thing when you look around,people in panic in the malls to buy the perfect gifts, get the most popular stuff and so on. For me that´s not Christmas at all,that´s just a pain in the ass.

I love to wrap up the presents in a lovely more like a disney way. Bake saffronbuns and christmas candy. The trick to get the real Christmas feeling and no stress with the gifts and so are to plan as early as possible ❤


Gingerbread = I often start in the end of November.


Wrap up the Christmas presents in the beginning of December.

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The christmas is just around the corner of my house

Well I guess that the snow will arrive like BAAAAAMMMM and everything is white and cold. Or maybe I hope….. i did just finish my gingerbread so on saturday me and the guy will bake it out! I have already made the swedish saffronbuns Lussekatter earlier this week. to soon but hell noI need to make every single thing now or I will never finsih it! this weekend I will try to find christmas gift to and hopefuly find a medium grey wiggel dress. I know how the dress look like but i cant find it any were. Pretty annoying when I want that dress. Santa (more like MOOOM) I want a grey nice wiggle dress this christmas.I looking forward to this weekend to just funny stuff to do! Have you start the christmas baking and shopping jet?

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Although October is not completely over yet , I have last week just wishing for snow. Started planning the Christmas baking early as this weekend ( ? !) And so is my boyfriend and I have already started making our own Christmas cards. I know we will not make it otherwise, and then there will be chaos and I want to avoid it. Better to start early. I will start with the gifts also soon just to get everything ready in time.I love October and especially  autumn . It is my season. But because there is always such a hysteria of Christmas each year , I intend to be completed before it kicks off in . However it can snow be happy to come in mid-November or the first week hahaha but no mid-November is the best. Then I have time to enjoy even more of Fall!Actually we have candlelights on all year round but as soon as it began to get dark out, we lit all the candles to make it cozy inside when we both love the candleslights. Now, when it is already dark when we return home, we are hardly through the door before we (read I ) has lit every candle I can find at home . What is missing is a fireplace.When we in future  will move to a house in the country , I have only one requirement of the house: a fireplace! Out on the plot , I would have forests, fields and meadows. Preferably near to the lake , but most of all I want my  own stable .


In Sweden it tomorrow All Hallows Eve . According to tradition, so you go to the cemetery and light candles at the graves and remember their family members who have passed away . In my family we go around to all the cemeteries where we have a relative and light a candle and then home and eat dinner with the family that lives . In the rest of the world celebrates Halloween for tradition and it is one that many Swedes have taken after but many young people have forgotten what all the saints evening is that is an ancient tradition in Sweden . For my part, I will light candles of my animals and at home for those who passed away and take a calm evening.

18 days until christmas

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Och jag har har inte hunnit med julklapparna ännu! Jag har en hel del kvar.Så idag efter att allt annat som ska göras är gjort så ska jag kasta mig iväg till några olika butiker.Vet på ett ungefär vad jag ska ha så jag hoppas verkligen jag får tag i det jag ska ha.Vill ju börja slå in redan nu.Det roligast är ju att slå in paketen!

Hur långt har ni kommit med julklapparna?

Julklappstips nr 5 – Tjejkväll/Kompishelg

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Ge dig själv och bästa vännerna en tjejhelg! Åk till någons landställe eller ta in på hotell i en helt annan stad.Umgås,prata och ha roligt.Om ni inte har råd med SPA så köp med hårinpackning,ansiktsmasker och ha SPA hemma eller på hotellrummet och fixa varandras naglar,hår.Ta med en flaska bubbel eller läsk.Det blir en julklapp från er alla till er alla.Att umgås med sina bästa vänner!

Julklappstips nr 4 – Maria Nilas Palett


Ett parabenfritt och sulfatfritt schampo och balsam från Maria Nila. Skyddar färgat hår och har en fräsch doft av granatäpple.Skrivit om denna palett serie förut och det tåls att göra igen.Denna serie är riktigt bra och alla dofterna är fräscha.Just denna är anpassad för färgat hår och skyddar även mot Uv.strålar på håret.Flaskorna är på 350 ml och respektive på 300 ml.Passar som julklapp till alla med färgat hår och även för dom med känslig hårbotten.Finns här för 299:- och säljs i par.Vilket är ett stort plus.Serien har även inpackningar och färgbomber.