One day I won’t drink my coffee alone 

One day I won’t drink my coffee alone anymore. This is one thing I really miss,to have someone I can drink coffee/tea with and just chat a early/late morning. Someone who ask you have your day was,those little things are stuff I miss at most by living alone. 

I’m not home so often when I have free time or a long weekend.I go to parents house just to be able to eat breakfast with my whole family and not alone. I like to be in my best friends apartment and sleep over even if I’m a early morning person I wait to he wake up before I drink my coffee,just so small stuff can make my entire day so much better. I appreciate the small things in life more and more. A little morning text or a text can change your day a lot.

I think almost everyone in life forget those little things in life. We should enjoy them and appreciate them even more. Just a smile and a hello can change the day for your coworker or that little text you send in the morning to just ask something/tell something funny means: I think about you.

So to all you girls and boys who are drinking your coffee or tea alone in the morning,we are alone together so technically we are not alone, if you think of it like that. Don’t misunderstand me I love to live alone it’s awesome but sometimes it would be amazing to be able to choose if you want to be alone or not in the morning.

My sunday skinncare

this is a bad photo But it Will work! Sunday means mini spa at home. I have problem skinn and acne so deep cleans every day but on sundays extremt deep cleans. All my products are from Lush and no im not sponsred by them I just Love the stuff.

I start to clean my face with Dark angel and then put on my facemask mask of magaminty.

Wash it of and use my deep cleans soap (dont remembe the namn but its for acne skinn) and put on my serum think its full of grace and my facecream skinndrink,enchanted eyes and on the spoots and my nose grease lightning!

This deep cleanse my whole face and mouster it. And on the monday my skinn is glowing. I scrubb my face with rub rub on fridays to peel of my dead skinn on my whole body!


Well hello blondie!

Well I needed a hugh change and a makeover. so I made a call to the worlds best hairdresser and friend Christoffer. My hair were yellow/copper and blah blah something and the color were boring as hell. I only know 2 things! Get blonde but not platinum blonde.

And as always he got free hands (i only trust Christoffer when it comes to my hair) and I LOVE MY HAIR!!!!!! Thanks again Christoffer ❤

Christoffer have been my hairdresser for years and every time my hair looks perfect even if I don´t know what I want he always knows what I want but he is the best and my friend. If you want a great hairdresser in Stockholm,Sweden just comment or mail me and I will give you the adress and number.


My new hair!



I torsdags satte jag mig återigen i frisörstolen för en ordentlig make over.Jag har dragits med min koppar färg hela våren/sommar och hösten.Allt för att kunna göra något mera extremt (för vanligt folk,normalt för min del)så ca 3 1/2 timme tog det att fixa mig.Vi blekte upp längderna och kastade i körsbäsrs röd färg i botten och sedan toppade vi hela håret.Behöver jag säga att jag är extremt nöjd? Jag är riktigt superduper nöjd,färgerna smälter ihop så det går från körsbär,koppar,blont! 😀


Stor skillnad,jag är jättenöjd.Lite tuffare frisyr och färg.Jag utan smink,den nakna sanningen med feber hahaha 🙂 Vill ni ha en av världens bästa frisörer maila mig så får ni numret till Christoffer!




Nu kan jag fortsätta rocka runt med stans ballaste hårfärg!:D