Happy happy and vintage dresses

Finally autumn are in coming and I have finally moved to a bigger apartment! Hurray! I’m really happy and it feels amazing! And it’s not far away from my gym,it’s like 8 minutes away! 

The other thing is that I have one wardrobe for all my vintage dresses and I realize that I have to many of them. Anyone who’s intressted just comment with your email and I will send you pictures and price,the will be sheep,better someone love them and use them!Same about shoes and coats… 


My weekend

On Friday authentic to my best friend to watch his new apartment. Talk and eat dinner. Good start to the weekend! 🙂

(the golden one and the red are new)

On Saturday, I went early to Hedemora vintage fair so it was just to get up at early hangover and meet up Jocke in Uppsala. Bought a lot of nice things including a nice party dress from the 1940s. A lamp and two thermoses. Coffee anyone?

After we had been around in Hedemora we went down to the sala and found a barn where they sold lot of fun things. Got me among other things, a really fine powder compact from the 1930s for a few pennies. After Sala so it was back to Uppsala and then I went straight to Patrik. We played real discs with real music and talked about so that young people did 60-70 years ago. And for some reason we started to imitate Jönssonligan ….. Hahahaha top weekend simply. I also got a record with Jerry Lee Lewis: D I proudly posing in the picture above: D

Bra väder

Japp,bra väder.Det regnar ordentligt och jag har väntat på det hela veckan.Jag har sovit fram till 10:00 brukar aldrig hända i vanliga fall!!! Idag är en typisk dag för städning och tvätt som står på mitt schema.Bästa är att när man är klar med allt kan man krypa ner i sängen och se på film med tända ljus utan att ha dåligt samvete.Lite höstfeeling över det hela fast det är sommar och klassisk Svensk sommar.Lite avundsjuk på pojkvännen som är i New York.Där är det tropisk värme typ 28 grader.Vill ha det här med!

Här ser ni utanför mitt fönster att det regnar.Himmla mysigt även fast jag vet att jag måste ge mig ut i detta väder ett tag :/



Well I have been wating for this rainy day really long now. So I´m happy feels cosy and like autum almost.Well I gonna clean up the mess in my apartment and take the rest of the laundry. So tonight i will light the candels and watch a movie.In a clean apartment.Importetnt. And I´m a littel jeluosue at my boyfriend,he´s in N.Y and its around 28 C and home it´s like + 5 C thats not far at all.