Hello sunny Sunday ☀️

The last days have been a taste of spring. But the spring is not here yet,as always this time of year it can change from day to day. But I still try to be happy.

You who are following me on Instagram and are my friends of Facebook knew that I lost my great grandmother (my grandmothers mother) for 14 days ago. It’s a hard and terrible lost. I have not still really want to understand that she’s not here with me. I miss her so much 😞❤️

But I try hard to keep up with my life and I know that is what she want me to do. So right know I am in a cleaning out my apartment because I will move to a bigger apartment in August. So stuff that I’m not use or well the don’t fit on me or in my home will be sold on some markets this summer. It’s a lot of vintage cloths and shoes,accessories and things for the home. I can’t keep everything so it’s better to sell it. The fun part is that its cloths that are to big for me or to small and shoes it’s a lot! 

So if you will see me out on a market chech out the lovely things from my wardrobe and home. Maybe you find something you really like! And I will have cheep prices I hate high prices. Every one should be able to buy vintage and if I notes that someone just will but and sell everything for I higher prices well sorry I won’t sell to you!


Älskade traditioner and Sivlettos christmas market❄️✨☕️

Last sunday my cousin and Sandra and of course I took a trip in to Sivlettis Christmas market. I did only buy a Christmas gift for my father (thanks to the lovely girl who helped me!) and a old record to my self! I’m not going to collect old records as my friend Patrik do but this one was cheap and awesome songs on so….it did just follow me home….

So after an hour or so we went out on the streets and walked in the snowy weather to Älskade Traditioner💕 a lovely and amazing coffee shop. When you walk in it’s like you are back in 1950’s the whole environment is filled with things from that era. A jukebox with records from the time and you can eat lunch,breakfast or just stop by for a milkshake or a coffee and a cookie. We ordered coffee and milkshakes!

Du vet väll att jag har Instagram?!


På min insta bombar jag med bilder som oftast inte hamnar på bloggen.Jag uppdaterar min insta snabbare än bloggen.Roliga citat och bilder på prylar jag fått tag i.Min frisyr för dagen,blommor,hundar och katter.Det mesta.Min blogg i mini format helt enkelt.Men med mera bilder såklart! Följ gärna mig för jag följer mer än gärna er med!


Medan jag sitter i fotöljen och känner mig dum i huvudet för att jag inte fattar en ikea beskrivning på hur jag ska sätta ihop min byrå så bjuder jag på en bild av mitt sminkbord med trasig spegel.Vägrar byta spegel.Min pojkvän är supersnäll och bygger ihop den förbannade byrån. 🙂

Men jag har ju trotts allt sminkbordet jag velat ha i flera flera år 😀