The day goes on

Well October and the beginning of November have been both wonderful and horrible. One of my friends past away and it did come as a chock. I have change work and other stuff with the army. 

Last night I hade to turn my night to day again becuse I work nights this week. I started to make cookies for a hole army and on top of that I made ice cream and fudge. I like to bake,I forget about everything else and stop thinking. But on the other hand I don’t eat the stuff I make😂

Another lovely thing is that when I woke up this after none I looked out the window and watched all the snow,I love snow! ❄️


Autumn I hope you are coming with suprices 

I really hope this autumn will give me suprices,happiness,love and a lot of laughing. Just be wonderful and give me some lovely memories. ✨🍁🍂☕️🎃🍷🍄

Welcome Autumn


At last, autumn is here. It means candlelights, open fire and knitted sweaters. But above all that, the nature changes color one last time and it’s mushroom picking and berry picking. Autumn is one of the absolute best seasons and most cozy. Summer in all glory with the warmth and the sun but the autumn still has its charm. Everyone who knows me knows I love the fall.


Happy happy and vintage dresses

Finally autumn are in coming and I have finally moved to a bigger apartment! Hurray! I’m really happy and it feels amazing! And it’s not far away from my gym,it’s like 8 minutes away! 

The other thing is that I have one wardrobe for all my vintage dresses and I realize that I have to many of them. Anyone who’s intressted just comment with your email and I will send you pictures and price,the will be sheep,better someone love them and use them!Same about shoes and coats… 

New apartment and a trip is planned 

Today I moved to another and much bigger apartment! Amazing I have actually a home now or something I can call home! I did release that my 50s furniture don’t fit in this apartment it just look really wrong so bye bye furnitures. I have bought a new bed today and it will arrive in a week. The next thing to buy is a sofa,my old one from the 50s didn’t survive and it wouldn’t get to fix it again. Everything will be new it’s sad but it feels good with a totally new start. New stuff,new life. I hope for a happier one….

Still a bit sad but I have the gym like 4 minutes from me now so I will spend a lot of time there. I will train even harder than ever. The gym always help and doesn’t ask stupid questions about what happens in life.

I have plan another trip far away to help me clear my mind,outdoor in the woods and camping helps to clear it more than you know.