Perfect hair,I don’t care✨

It happened today. I woke up around 04:00 pm and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I started to play around with my hair. And it tournd out perfect!✨

It did actually hold for a couple of hours outside in the windy and snowy day. My day have been totally awesome! 

I left the town pretty early and meet up a friend in Uppsala for breakfast and lunch. I have seen amazing art,old castle,a magnificent church and a library to day for! And the amazingly a 1500 years old bible. The silver bible and it was pretty cool.

I have laughed and smiled all day long. It’s have been genuine funny.


In my summer makeup bag!


In my makeup bag on the summer I don´t have much makeup at all! On the days I only wear mascara and eyebrow pomade. Perhaps a little liptint and of course sunscreen spf 50! Protect your skin inte sun girls! I don´t like to wear much makeup on regular base inly at partys/photoshoots. But at the summer I highly dislike to use it. It can destroy your skin and give pigment spots. Thats why I use as little as possible. Back to my make up bag!

The day makeup:

Red liptint, mascara and eyebrow pomade , sunscreen. This is just the basic for a day in the sun or at carshows.

The party/night makeup:

I got easily tan even under a parasol (?!) so here is what I use for my makeup at nights.

Sunpowder, hihlighter, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pomade and lipstick. And it´s my red lipstick from m.a.c cosmetic in the color Ruby Whoo . Sometimes I use eyelashes but thats not often  at all. My own are long enough.


How do you use your make up in the summer?

Well hello blondie!

Well I needed a hugh change and a makeover. so I made a call to the worlds best hairdresser and friend Christoffer. My hair were yellow/copper and blah blah something and the color were boring as hell. I only know 2 things! Get blonde but not platinum blonde.

And as always he got free hands (i only trust Christoffer when it comes to my hair) and I LOVE MY HAIR!!!!!! Thanks again Christoffer ❤

Christoffer have been my hairdresser for years and every time my hair looks perfect even if I don´t know what I want he always knows what I want but he is the best and my friend. If you want a great hairdresser in Stockholm,Sweden just comment or mail me and I will give you the adress and number.


my week so far

Monday grey and coffee stronger Than the darkest night!


Got some of My new pics from sundays photoshoot.

Worked late and drinking hot coco

Made up a plan for the rest of this year 

More pics.

You can become every thing you want just belive in your self!

  Tryed Dunkin donut for the first time. To sweet for My taste
New makeup for this geek and a new haircut I did Even made new nails!

My new hair!



I torsdags satte jag mig återigen i frisörstolen för en ordentlig make over.Jag har dragits med min koppar färg hela våren/sommar och hösten.Allt för att kunna göra något mera extremt (för vanligt folk,normalt för min del)så ca 3 1/2 timme tog det att fixa mig.Vi blekte upp längderna och kastade i körsbäsrs röd färg i botten och sedan toppade vi hela håret.Behöver jag säga att jag är extremt nöjd? Jag är riktigt superduper nöjd,färgerna smälter ihop så det går från körsbär,koppar,blont! 😀


Stor skillnad,jag är jättenöjd.Lite tuffare frisyr och färg.Jag utan smink,den nakna sanningen med feber hahaha 🙂 Vill ni ha en av världens bästa frisörer maila mig så får ni numret till Christoffer!




Nu kan jag fortsätta rocka runt med stans ballaste hårfärg!:D