Back on track

It feels good to be back at the gym and train even harder then before. I have a goal and yesterday it was like ”well I’m not fit,I don’t have a nice ass” but ehum I should actually take a look and see were I started my journey. If you look at he pictures you can see the big different…the left one is 2013/2014 and my weight was around 43 kilo (at my lowest weight it was 41kilo) and it was not healthy at all,just sick and then you have the right one from September 2017,health a hell lot of more muscles and a weigh of 70 kilo. It’s a huge difference and I have been to blind or my progress to se it.

From just drinking coffe,tea and eat a apple and some yoghurt to eating 6 times a day. I feel so munch better now and I will never ever go back. I want more muscles and a even more toned body and ass. I have also found a new totally awesome and funny program for both legs and booty! Woohoo on Saturday it’s leg day again and I can’t wait for it!😋😋



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