New apartment and a trip is planned 

Today I moved to another and much bigger apartment! Amazing I have actually a home now or something I can call home! I did release that my 50s furniture don’t fit in this apartment it just look really wrong so bye bye furnitures. I have bought a new bed today and it will arrive in a week. The next thing to buy is a sofa,my old one from the 50s didn’t survive and it wouldn’t get to fix it again. Everything will be new it’s sad but it feels good with a totally new start. New stuff,new life. I hope for a happier one….

Still a bit sad but I have the gym like 4 minutes from me now so I will spend a lot of time there. I will train even harder than ever. The gym always help and doesn’t ask stupid questions about what happens in life.

I have plan another trip far away to help me clear my mind,outdoor in the woods and camping helps to clear it more than you know.



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