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One thing I have reacted on is that almost every single fitness blogger/Instagram/YouTube girl who have a awesome great booty say do this and buy my booty program for 12 weeks and then you will have a booty like me. But no you can’t grove a booty like that in just 12 weeks and it’s even genetic and individual for every one. 

Yes the exercises are great they really are but to actually build a booty like that take about 2-3 years and a lot of fuel. It’s BIG muscles and they need fuel and not salad and some skinny diet. And as I mentioned above its individual for each person.

I didn’t go from normal size to fit. I was just skin and bone when I started. I have come pretty far in my fitness journey but I still have a long way ahead. I have easy to growe muscles and I actually EAT normal food,good food and protein shakes based on natural protein and so on.

I hope that all of you understand that it takes time to build up a strong healthy body. It can take a year or years but you can not rush it. Another important thing is that you don’t really need every single extra thing every company and friends tell you! 

With great food and snacks (fruit/nuts) and protein shakes you  don’t need so much more than that. Great food gives you the right fuel you need. And it’s okay to have a cheat day. 

Remember to eat healthy food,drink water,sleep and only do this for your self and don’t compare yourself with other people only with yourself. 



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