The gym = clear my head

After a bunch of bad news and another heartbreaking news (again) I still have the gym. Feels like my home at some moments. Last night (I´m kind of crazy) when my tears streaming from my eyes I went out for a long run,trying to clear my mind. To put all the pieces of all news and shit together. It diden´t help as much as i hoped for.

Today at my lunch I went down to the gym. Almost at the same moment a walk t in I could feel my brain slowdown,my body relax and a moment of calm surround me. Like a warm hug. This is a big part of me, it´s here all those months when I started to give up on my self I was here and I did not give up. I created my self here when I had hit the bottom of life so hard. No plans in my life,i was so sad that I cried all the time. But the gym was always there for me. Never asked me silly quietens and did always understand.

I started 2 years ago to be healthy but for 3 months ago or maybe 4 I told my self to create a new me a better me. I have not done this just to prove that I can but even (if you read this you knew who you are) so you could see me in the right way, who I really are and how healthy and strong I have become and that I´m that person who always smile and laugh.

But now this is just for me,myself and I. The person I´m right now is Anna 2.0 the best of me and I´m going to be better. When I started this journey after hitting the rock bottom I only knew that this was my only choose to survive. 2 years (almost little shorter) later I look back at old photos and just OMG did i look like that!? Just a skeleton with skin on!? Eeeuuuwww. Today miss hourglass figure is here to stay but need even more muscles and become stronger before I can feel satisfied.

But look at the picture above and the once here under. At this point I had already started and this are after I think 1 months of training.The first picture is from 2014 don´t remember when i take it. My weight at the time was 43 kilo and I´m 171 cm tall. Today my weight is around 63 kilo after 2 years and it´s 20 kilo more and it´s muscles and a more healthy body and stronger than ever, I love my new hourglass body and I got a BOOTY and BOOBS! It´s a pretty big change and i like the new me better.wpid-img_20140528_210237.jpgjas4

I can see the big different and I feel it. This is what the gym help me  with.  The gym have been here all the time and the gym have never disappoint me . Even if I´m sad I go to the gym, even if I´m happy I go to the gym. I helps me to clear my mind and calm me down. It makes me to feel and be better. My husband/lover/boyfriend and my long lifetime relationship is the gym now and forever. Always has and will always be.




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