Back stab me and karma will take care of you


When people talk shit about you , you know that you are far ahead . Talking about someone without concrete facts with out knowing the story behind and then think the know a person’s privacy and moreover start talking crap to the former boyfriend who is so stupid that he believes what this person/persons are telling him. The result was that I feel bad because I do not have the ability to contact him to get my stuff ithat are lleft including my dressing table . I ´m blocked everywhere. I ´m hurt, dejected and just feel that I can not take this any more .

When people do this to other people I can only feel sadness. The have a really boring life and obvious have a crush on my former boyfriend. But the fact is that I`M THE ONE WHO GET HURT because of this person/persons. And honestly I don´t know why this is necessary and when the truth arrive like a bomb the did lose it all and yes karma will kick some butts!

I´m gonna put my hair up in a bun, wing my eyeliner and drink my coffee. And after that i will handle this crap and laugh about the miserable life they are living and continuing my life happy and joyful and watch karma do the job.



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