It kills you in the end


The best diet is easy as hell and you will not be able to sleep or eat. Just get your fucking heart broken by someone you just belived a future with. I haven´´t eat for weeks accept drinking youghurt and one smoothie. Will cry and then you don´t have anymore tears and you can still not sleep.

So every one of you who have been reading my blog for the past years knew that I have a eating disorder and I have been on the right track back to be helathy. But then again my heart broke by that one person.

Yes I´m sad like really sad. And yes it´s okey to be sad! AS long as you feel SAD. No i´m not a teen who breakup with my first boyfriend I´m an adult who belived in a future with this person and yes he is the love of my life, and nothing can change that.

For the moment I just want to sleep like really sleep and I won´t give up my hope but how sad I´m and in this hurt i feel like I´m dead and I need to put my shit togheter but nope i can´t do it right now. I haven´t sleep for months last month i could sleeo 4 hours straight but now it´s 20 minits or 1 hour after beeing up for 45 hours.

So YES this is the BEST DIET if you want to lose some fat, get your heart broken and don´t sleep and yes it will kill you slowely .



2 thoughts on “It kills you in the end


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