Spring is here and the sun is here


Sone all the flowers will shine bright every where. I like the spring but this year the spring and summer be a bit sad for me persona. But if I ignore all that I will see the beatuy around me and long walks in the forest but not many of you knows that I´m a horseowner sincee 10 years back! So I will spend my freetime in the stable and in the saddel with my horse in the forest and train dressage harder then ever in the paddock. ❤

For me spring and autumn is totatlly horse related. My horse will turn 17 next month (omg!!!!) he was just a tiny little 7 year old when a got him. He is a birthday gift from my grandparents ❤ I love my horse ❤

Do some of you ride or have som fun lans for this spring?


2 thoughts on “Spring is here and the sun is here


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