All about my hair and my products

Last time I was at my hairdresser (think it was 2 weeks ago)  I got a little lesson. My ends were like plastic hair so it was just cut about 15 cm . Why?! Beacuse I have been so stupid and use fmy flatiron almost every second day to get curls in my hair and a high amount of styling products in my hair and the result was that my har in the ends becomme  plastic hair like really bad hairpiece . My project the rest of this year will be: Save my hair and not use heat tongs ! If I’m going to have curly hair for a party or a photoshoot so it will be with foamrollers that I can have in my head for several days before so I get it perfect curls . I want to have really long hair again! Before I was stupid enough to cut off my hair and ruin it , I had hair almost down to the knees . Now I have it down to my ass. I love long hair and me in short hair is not a great combo. All my flatiorns and curlingwands will be in a box. Okey maybe I will use one of them 2-4 times this year but I´m gonna try hard to not use them.höstvinter

(This picture is taken 2013 and curls!)

This will be a hard challange for me but I need to do it. To have this suuuuuper straight hair I have now it feels a bit strange to me. I have curl my hair the last past years and only have straight hair for a day. The challenge will also be to make up do´s and some kind of styling…. This is tricky and I don´t use any products this past weeks but I feel that my hair is much better but boring as straight. I hope I will find a funnier hair do than a ponnietail….

Well another thing is that I said good bye to my old schampoos and conditioners before christmas and took a trip to Lush. The first thing I did when I arrivde back home was to jump in the shower and try my new hair products without silikons and other shit. I will never regret that. The products are amazing and they smell so good. I´m a Lushjunkie I use everything almost from them skincare,soap,haircare you name it.

With my haircare products without this bad stuff and no curlingwands I hope my hair will becomme even more healthier and hopefully when I curl my hair with foamrollers it will be amazing curls.

So girls and maybe boys do you have some tips for a pinup/rockabilly hairstyles for straight hair please elave a comment ❤


2 thoughts on “All about my hair and my products

  1. Otroligt nog har jag inte använt varken platt- eller locktång på hur länge som helst nu när jag faktiskt tänker på det! Jag kör på foam rollers bara och annars är mitt hår relativt platt av sig självt så 🙂
    Förresten – superfin bild!


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