#Beyourself #makeyourdreamreal


I will and have always been me. Nothing can change that. But the sad thing is that I see younger girls around me who are some one they are not,why? For me it´s sad to see and I have always be figthing for who I´m and I will not change beacuse the socity want me to be more like every one else. I´m ME and thats way I´m amazing and thats why YOU ARE AMAZING! Be yourself beacuse no one else can be you. If you want to have that sparkling pink skirt when every one else have grey? Have your sparkling pink skirt! I dont care if people like me or not. If they dont thats not my problem at all. Don´t care about what people say all the time. Break free, Be you!


I´m a dreamer. I love to dream about stuff. but very often my dreams becomme my goals in life.Make your dreams in to plans! Do you want to be a rockstar? Make a plan to it! Do you want to be a makeup artist? Go back to school. You can be antything you want if you belive in yourself and really have a plan. I have always walking my own way. If some one have told me you can´t do it, it will never work and so on I have just been thinking ”fuck this I will make it”. Nothing can stop me, give me 500 No and I will scream I MADE IT after try 501. Never let any one or anything stop you to becomme the rockstar in you own life. In my life I`M the rockstar who control everything I can control. Guess what!?  I´m much more happy than ever. The sky has no limits and not my dreams or plans have limits. I will walk my own way to the end of time and you should do the same.


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