Glamour and luxury in life when it’s gray

So well at the moment where I think every single day is grey and most of the time when I don´t work is borring and (well I have stuff to do like laundry) nothing to do. I thinking about to put more glam and luxury to my life. Why not? Luxury and glam can be more than a new really expensive bag or shoes…. Here is my little list of glamor and luxury in my life.


Champange!  Yes you heard me,this bubbli stuff is perfect. The day have been crapy or you just want to celebrate the weekend or just ad some sparkle to a dinner with your friends. And Yes I have always a bottle of champange home,you never knew when it´s time to celebrate something!

large (18)Manikyr! Who wants unsightly nails? With nail polish that peels ? Not me! Off with the old nailpolish and put some new on. Trust me you will feel better and it looks so much better. Do it home or go to a saloon.


Buy flowers and set in vases. No they don´t live for long but for me this is they way to keep my window bright and the smell of fresh flowers is awesome. I love flowers a lot, my favorite rose is a big dark red rose almost black.


A big cup of real tea! Not the one you find in the ordinary grocery store,the one you will find iat the tea shop. A bit more expensive BUT the taste and all the flavours you can choose is like 25000 more. It´s real tea not the thing they called tea….


Clean your face and put on some facemask and use facecreams from Lush! ❤ Lush is the best even my shampoo and conditioner is from them.

IMG_0699When the days and the mornings get lighter and warmer. Take your coffe and breakfast outside with your love or friend. Only if the sun i shinig outside.


Why have a really borring pyjamas? Okey i love to walk around in my nightwear but hey cotton pyjamas with smurfs on….ehum not fancy! Choose sheer vintage nightgowns and dresses. This wind found here



8 thoughts on “Glamour and luxury in life when it’s gray

  1. Så härliga tips! Lite glamour i vardagen är aldrig fel!
    Själv gillar jag det där med fina sov/mys-plagg och försöker använda mina lite finare så ofta som möjligt. Jag tycker att det kan ge lite extra lyx också att typ duka fint eller använda fint porslin även till vardags 🙂

  2. så snygga naglar 😀

    sv; jag har tyvärr varken hunnit pröva primern eller glittret än, men jag hoppas att båda produkterna är bra 🙂


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