My visit to Miss DizzyLizzy and Essibella

This Saturday my partner in crime Sandra and I went for a shorter typ of roadtrip up to Heby! The drive took around an hour for us and the sun made it feel like spring. In the car on our way up we talk about the perfect dress for Sandra. She is looking for one and have not yet found the dress with D.Anyway I think we arrived around lunch.First stop Miss DizzyLizzy sewingstore! A really old sewingstore you can find vintage buttons (I´m not joking som buttons are from late 40´s or older i belive) and threads,needels,yarn and of course newer fabric and old zipers! I love this small store. It´s charming and the shopowner Carin is a lovely woman. If you need to renovate your vintage dresses just contact her or visit she will help you.

carin1 carin2 carin3 carin4 carin5 carin6 carin7 carin8 carin9 carin10 carin12 carin14 carin15

As you can see the store still got the orginal interor left and we took a several cups of coffe before I took a walk in the other store. This store is Like Miss DizzyLizzy still the old charm and lovelyness. Essibella her you can find a new rockabillydress or a really old pair of nylon stocking!!!!!! The shopowner is lovely Jaana but she was not in the store tjat day when we where ower. But the thing I like with this store is that both Sandra and I can find the same dresses in our sizes. A store where we bothcan shop togehter because the size in cloths are from xxs-xxxl ❤ it´s just lovely.


IMG_5822 IMG_5862 IMG_5865 IMG_5868 IMG_5871 IMG_5886 jaana1 jana3 jana9 jana12 jana13

You will even find vintagedresses and coats,jackets and so much more in the store! So you who not have visit this to stores jump in the car and drive! If you smile and are nice both Jaana and Carin will offer you a nice warm cup of coffe and say hey from me! ❤


Kyrkogatan 11 Heby (Sweden)



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