When the winter arrivde…..


When winter finally arrived with the snow and the cold , I was still not ready .(Well it was about 4 weeks ago but…) Although I always preper for winter . So from +6 degrees to -23 overnight is quite a big difference. Last weeks I’ve lived in my jacket and my uggs . The strength to even make my self look good, hair or dressing well is not my priority, not right now , I will do everything to avoid freezing! Looks like I’m going on an expedition in Antarctica, but it’s better than freezing!

I love winter, but I hate to freeze ! Being outside on a sunny winterday absolutely stunningly beautiful if you go for a walk in the woods . Everything is white and the snow sparkles . Or late nights out when looking at the stars and drink hot chocolate. Lit candles inside and wearing pajamas all day. But most of all I like to be out in the winter. Crisp air with a sparkling white landscape.



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