WR.UP Freddy = this pants give you an awesome ass!

Yes they are magic okej but not totally magic. I work on my booty at the gym ,about 3-4 times a week. I want a nice ass. But the pants I have don´t show my ass in a good way or if they do they are not so nice on my leggs…. So I have heard a lot about this pants from W.R UP and fitness girls instagram and blog about them, they love them. Well they look nice sooo I orderd 3 pants. Dark grey, Dark green and black. But i took low wasted next time i will take high wasted. They are perfect rockabilly/pinup pants to. You don´t need to work out as I do beacuse the will ”highlight” your ass. You feel really pretty in them and want to show your ass more than your boobs, or thats what I´m doing 😉


Heres my ass in this awesome dark grey freddy pants! I HAVE a ass in this pants! And this other pictures under is from One more REP and you can see how the pants are made to show your ass.

22387698-origpic-22207b 22387698-origpic-b50fb6 24233756-origpic-031d5f

I really recomend this pants, they are awesome and they fit really well. You can move in them and you can even work out in them if you want to. For me this is perfect for rockabilly/pinup look and it makes your curves show!




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