When your heart breaks and your life turns upside down


Jepp! This is what have happend to me. My heart turned into a billon pices and my life turned upside down, I lost time and I diden´t know how I was suppost to handle this. Befor this happend I had everything I wanted. But from one day to another everthing turned to be the opposit. Something snap and I was sitting on the kitchen floor and crying my eyes out. Every pice in my body hurt. my heart hurt, it was horrible to breath. My words was smasched down to the floor and my heart riped out from my cheast and crush to the kitchen floor. I have been walking around in a grey fog for the past four weeks. I have no answers and I will never get close to get any.


The past weeks I have cry my self to sleep many nights. Beeing home and just walking around like a zombie! Don´t know what I should do. I have pick up my guitar and writing songs again. I have listen more to music and I have been back at the gym and train so hard that I almost vomit and and my muscles is burning. Thats almost totaly great I wil get fit faster but mental = I´m a disaster. The only thing I know is that I love this person still and I can´t hate him,even if I want to,I can´t.


I need to pine and after that pick up my pices and pull my self together and be the laughing,funny,smiling and love to live the life girl I´m. Who likes to do crazy stuff and just live my life again. But it will take some time. I´m not there yet. I wish that this just were a nightmare and i will wake up…..but it´s reality.



5 thoughts on “When your heart breaks and your life turns upside down

  1. Vet precis hur du har det, är mitt uppe i samma process & jag vet allvarligt inte hur jag ska komma vidare eller när. Önskar bara att mardrömmen ska ta slut eller iaf att ljuset i tunneln kommer nån gång så man kan gå vidare med livet

    • Usch vad tråkigt 😦 jag vet inte heller hur jag ska göra riktigt. Jag försöker mest komma i ordning i mini ettan jag har nu och lyxa till det med levande ljus och köper produkter från Lush mitt favoritmärke i hud,hår,sminkväg bara för att kunna glädjas lite och för att det är det jag behöver som mest just nu. Jag hopppas det vänder för oss bååda snart så vi kan se att det blir bättre även om allt känns bläääääää just nu! ❤


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