My Gingerbread cookies and the recipe from 1946!


A little bit to early for some people but for me in the perfect time! I love this cookis and i love to make them from scratch. the perfekt winter cookies. It take time to mke them but I enoy the time. -about baking and cooking food I do everything and every single meal from scratch. I have made my own marmelad and jam to this year. Back to gingerbreads! How many of you guys are making these for christmas?  I did find the recipe in my book from 1946! And sure as hell the recipes from that book are 5 times better than the shit I  have find on the internet.

So this is the real gingerbread, how to make the real deal. Last year when I tried to make gingerbreads it became something that tasted and smelled like gingerbread but it dident look like it. Something did get really wrong last year. And I hade a bad recipe to.0gingerbred1

And here is the recipe:

350 g of granulated sugar

100 g syrup

130 g of milk 

1 tablespoon baking soda

2 eggs

2 1/2 hg butter

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon ginger

1 teaspoon ground cloves

700 g flour

Take suger,syrup, butter and the spices and boil it togheter for about 15 minutes, and don´t forget to stir every minute. Put away from the stove and pour in to a bowl. Mix the eggs and carefully pour in the flour. Let the dough rest about 1-3 days before you use it.



3 thoughts on “My Gingerbread cookies and the recipe from 1946!

  1. Mysigt att baka pepparkakor 😉

    Blev en del julpynt och matchande förkläden till mig och tjejerna.. 😉 Jättetöntigt men kan liksom inte låta bli 😉

    • jo det tog lite tid bara 🙂 idag kör jag igång med sista degen och gör pepparkaker till taket och ska hinna lussekatter med sambo gillade dom jag gjorde….
      Nej det är det inte det är jätteroligt ju! 🙂 mina ungar om jag hade haft hade varit minikopior av mig 😛


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