How To Reprogram Your Mind for Positive Thinking

In a few simple steps , you can program your  own thinking and  brain . To get rid of negative thoughts so there are some simple steps you can do to ,all the focus should be on what is positive and what you are grateful for. The problem many people do is focus on everything negative all the time who then takes all your energie and you have the more difficult to put the focus on the postiva or worse can hardly see it. With these steps here under is beginning to to reprogram your own brain to positive. And hopefully make your life wonderful!

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1.The whole world ‘s problem is not on your shoulders . What is bad in your life is not now, not forever. What is the opposite of the negative ? What can you do to drop your shoulders back ?

2.What are you grateful + What are you happy ? Write every morning down 10 things and write down 10 good things of the day was in the evening.

3.What is good now ? Write it down. Will the negative thoughts creeping ? Directly focus on the positive.

4.Everything feels worthless and gray ? Dress up your favorite clothes and jewelry, and go out , shop for groceries or go to work in it. Place the focus on the here and now, not on the past . Think not of what has been but on the here and now. The more you focus on the here and now the more you will täänka forward and positive. Your actions are what puts on your brain. Do good things and bring it back . It is called karma.



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