First autumn outfit fot this year!


My wool jacket is a 40´s – 50´s jacket. Before it came to me it had not been used. I love this jacket. Perfect for middel weather and with a warm cardigan it works good for the winter. The dress is one of my new dresses a reuglar black 50´s dress.Worn a lot this summer! My shoes is the only thing thats not vintage. I think 75% of my wardrobe is vintage. I love  vintage, i have about 4 wedding dresses from de 40´s and 50´s…..


When autumn makes entre I go somehow back to the real clothes from the 30’s , 40’s and the 50’s . If there is a snow storm and 34 degrees below zero when the field coils clothes on . How do you dress you in the fall ?


2 thoughts on “First autumn outfit fot this year!


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