Just about the weather and the seasons

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I did find my jackets/coats and just 2 of 10 (yes have 10 or more shoes for autumn) but i´m glad i did find 2 of them. Today it´s still rainy and perfekt weather to do nothing or to do a lot. The second will be my choice! To boil a pot of met and veggis all afternoon and make more hairflowers and hairbows. I could just sit down and read a good book and drink tea all the day but thats not my thing. And yes if the blog will look a bit nuts at the moment so please ignore it. I´m trying to change the design and just that is a project.

Some one who hade a idé for the header and can help me out?

I´m not sure about the colors yet,last year I hade pink,purple and grey. But this year…. no idé maybe yellow and pink…..

Last year I wrote a short post about how you could dress up in colder climates like here in the north. But I never showed clothes that could be used or links to stores. As soon as I get back my camera , from Sandra, I’ll shoot from my own wardrobe and link to the stores that have warm well garments. For fall and wintern , there is nothing worse than to freeze . When I started to dress in the way I do it took a while before i did find clothes for the autumn/winter and how I could style them.But I need my camera at first!



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