Summer,sun and fabrics

OK, I’m kidding . Rather, rain and fabrics. Something like this all summer looked like. The past few days I have been sitting glued to my sewing machine . Failed a blouse for myself . Right now I sew a Hawaiian shirt to my partner but have to wait a bit with it until he is back so I can measure . I should really start my own dress, which is a major project , but it will have to wait a little. Now the sun is shining and I wish I had a garden , but I have a large balcony with a sofa , I ‘ll throw myself down and read a little. Or draw a pattern clear to my bullet bra.


But at the end of the day it will still feel like autumn . When I was walking white the dog it did smell like autumn!   and it was chilly outside . On the other way the summer this year have been really shitty. Not just the weather but anyways I was looking for tickets earlyer to London,Paris and New York. the tickets was not so expensive. What I´m going to do tomorrow is to book a ticket. I feel that its time to travel again just 3-4 days is enough for me. 


One thought on “Summer,sun and fabrics


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