The amazing brain of mine

No point of return.Today it did actually hit me it’s only 13 days left for my tests for the Swedish army. That I’m in the best shape of my life but still I’m not satisfied yet.

And look! Had forgot this lovely cups in glas,the have been here all the time and for years eeheee pretty embarrassing that I sometimes can forget stuff like these once….

The gym = clear my head

After a bunch of bad news and another heartbreaking news (again) I still have the gym. Feels like my home at some moments. Last night (I´m kind of crazy) when my tears streaming from my eyes I went out for a long run,trying to clear my mind. To put all the pieces of all news and shit together. It diden´t help as much as i hoped for.

Today at my lunch I went down to the gym. Almost at the same moment a walk t in I could feel my brain slowdown,my body relax and a moment of calm surround me. Like a warm hug. This is a big part of me, it´s here all those months when I started to give up on my self I was here and I did not give up. I created my self here when I had hit the bottom of life so hard. No plans in my life,i was so sad that I cried all the time. But the gym was always there for me. Never asked me silly quietens and did always understand.

I started 2 years ago to be healthy but for 3 months ago or maybe 4 I told my self to create a new me a better me. I have not done this just to prove that I can but even (if you read this you knew who you are) so you could see me in the right way, who I really are and how healthy and strong I have become and that I´m that person who always smile and laugh.

But now this is just for me,myself and I. The person I´m right now is Anna 2.0 the best of me and I´m going to be better. When I started this journey after hitting the rock bottom I only knew that this was my only choose to survive. 2 years (almost little shorter) later I look back at old photos and just OMG did i look like that!? Just a skeleton with skin on!? Eeeuuuwww. Today miss hourglass figure is here to stay but need even more muscles and become stronger before I can feel satisfied.

But look at the picture above and the once here under. At this point I had already started and this are after I think 1 months of training.The first picture is from 2014 don´t remember when i take it. My weight at the time was 43 kilo and I´m 171 cm tall. Today my weight is around 63 kilo after 2 years and it´s 20 kilo more and it´s muscles and a more healthy body and stronger than ever, I love my new hourglass body and I got a BOOTY and BOOBS! It´s a pretty big change and i like the new me better.wpid-img_20140528_210237.jpgjas4

I can see the big different and I feel it. This is what the gym help me  with.  The gym have been here all the time and the gym have never disappoint me . Even if I´m sad I go to the gym, even if I´m happy I go to the gym. I helps me to clear my mind and calm me down. It makes me to feel and be better. My husband/lover/boyfriend and my long lifetime relationship is the gym now and forever. Always has and will always be.


On fridays we wear berets!

Well hello autumn! Last week have arrived and is here to stay. So when I organize and clean out stuff from my apartment I find my lovely beret! My black basic classic wool beret I got years ago. And hey it´s awesome! The beret is  perfect for almost all of my hairstyles when I do something with the bangs and it don´t smash my hairdo and keep me warm. Why haven´t I use this one before…The beret is not just for old ladies in the 80´s,it depend really much on how you style it! Of course you can look like a granny in a beret if you want easy,but i prefer to look more like a casual cool wannabe Marilyn Monroe meets a old Hollywood artist. Okey thats just my own thought about it, in the end I feel pretty awesome and classy in my beret.

Well maybe I can find more useful and fun things in the closet or some of the boxes that are hidden in my apartment. Or I will find so many dresses and realize I need to sell a lot of them….I have already a bunch of stuff to sell away when I have more time….gaaahh



My weekend

On Friday authentic to my best friend to watch his new apartment. Talk and eat dinner. Good start to the weekend!🙂

(the golden one and the red are new)

On Saturday, I went early to Hedemora vintage fair so it was just to get up at early hangover and meet up Jocke in Uppsala. Bought a lot of nice things including a nice party dress from the 1940s. A lamp and two thermoses. Coffee anyone?

After we had been around in Hedemora we went down to the sala and found a barn where they sold lot of fun things. Got me among other things, a really fine powder compact from the 1930s for a few pennies. After Sala so it was back to Uppsala and then I went straight to Patrik. We played real discs with real music and talked about so that young people did 60-70 years ago. And for some reason we started to imitate Jönssonligan ….. Hahahaha top weekend simply. I also got a record with Jerry Lee Lewis: D I proudly posing in the picture above: D