I havent we all 

Havent all of us start with roller-lipgloss ? I hade like five I think. I loved this type of lipgloss and I hope they will comeback!

Even if I live with my lipsticks I miss roller-lipgloss and the secents of them. But well face the fact lipstick is the hit!

Ordered little new

Ordred little new to my wardrobe. Just basics stuff, like a new blouse and a new dress. From Johannas Rockabilly.


Link: Red blouse


Link Suki Tiki Dress

One of my favorite photos


This picture is taken for a year ago and reminds me of one of the best times in my life. tThe picture is taken a week I will always look back on in my memory . A week that I do not want to forget . I had  fun that week and I felt good , really good. There was much laughter , much joy and much love .

But unfortunately , life can take quick turns and take it away from you, the best things you have . But it can never take away your memories. Neither your feelings. For me , this simple picture make me calm and I feel joy.

One day what I feel when I see the picture and those memories should be in the same place again become my reality again . One day , and until then I’ll keep fighting and keep hoping to win back the best in life again .