Restart my self for next week

This weekend I have almost only just been sleeping! And I’m not that person who sleep a lot at all! Well maybe it’s because I had the flu and not 100% fit for fight from it. Today I visit my grand mothers mother and had lunch with her and my parents and after that went home and just laying here half dead. Looking at Grease and flipping around with my phone and surfing. Pretty comfy but on the other way I’m tired and bored hahaha! 

But I have find little inspiration to do some DIY projects and paint some of my furniture and so on. Pinterest is an amazing and dangerous app. I have found so many awesome DIY projects I want to do. Not just home decor and so but even clothes from the 1930’s era and the 1940’s! 

Lately I have been a huge fan of the 30’s-40’s style its something special with it. I do love the 50’s,but those to other eras inspire me to a lot. Well I think it’s time to start with all my DIY projects who have been banned to a box for the last year and pick up the things and let the magic begins in this boring and really grey January without snow!!

One day I won’t drink my coffee alone 

One day I won’t drink my coffee alone anymore. This is one thing I really miss,to have someone I can drink coffee/tea with and just chat a early/late morning. Someone who ask you have your day was,those little things are stuff I miss at most by living alone. 

I’m not home so often when I have free time or a long weekend.I go to parents house just to be able to eat breakfast with my whole family and not alone. I like to be in my best friends apartment and sleep over even if I’m a early morning person I wait to he wake up before I drink my coffee,just so small stuff can make my entire day so much better. I appreciate the small things in life more and more. A little morning text or a text can change your day a lot.

I think almost everyone in life forget those little things in life. We should enjoy them and appreciate them even more. Just a smile and a hello can change the day for your coworker or that little text you send in the morning to just ask something/tell something funny means: I think about you.

So to all you girls and boys who are drinking your coffee or tea alone in the morning,we are alone together so technically we are not alone, if you think of it like that. Don’t misunderstand me I love to live alone it’s awesome but sometimes it would be amazing to be able to choose if you want to be alone or not in the morning.

Fitness talk/stuff

One thing I have reacted on is that almost every single fitness blogger/Instagram/YouTube girl who have a awesome great booty say do this and buy my booty program for 12 weeks and then you will have a booty like me. But no you can’t grove a booty like that in just 12 weeks and it’s even genetic and individual for every one. 

Yes the exercises are great they really are but to actually build a booty like that take about 2-3 years and a lot of fuel. It’s BIG muscles and they need fuel and not salad and some skinny diet. And as I mentioned above its individual for each person.

I didn’t go from normal size to fit. I was just skin and bone when I started. I have come pretty far in my fitness journey but I still have a long way ahead. I have easy to growe muscles and I actually EAT normal food,good food and protein shakes based on natural protein and so on.

I hope that all of you understand that it takes time to build up a strong healthy body. It can take a year or years but you can not rush it. Another important thing is that you don’t really need every single extra thing every company and friends tell you! 

With great food and snacks (fruit/nuts) and protein shakes you  don’t need so much more than that. Great food gives you the right fuel you need. And it’s okay to have a cheat day. 

Remember to eat healthy food,drink water,sleep and only do this for your self and don’t compare yourself with other people only with yourself. 

Friday of awesome chill

My bestfriend pickt me up at work and we went to Ikea, just for look but uhm yeah that dident went so well…. I bought a frying pan, a big one! And then  storage gadgets so I get my order in one cupboard at home, there is chaos there right now.

Dinner in the making and the master chef told me to sit on my ass and drink my wine,well and that was the only thing I did,pretty awesome if you ask me.

And here is my best friend in the whole wide world. I always the get the question is it possible to just be friends with a dude? Yes stupid most of my friends are dudes and my best friend is a dude.


And this deer are so cute, watched them when I was drinking my coffe and the played around in the snow.

Well after a upside and mental breakdown after hunting ticets to Visby I finally found cheap once thanks to my grandmother. Tomorrow night I will take the boat and on Saturday I take the airplane back home. I wasn’t smart enough to buy the ticets earlier,next time I will do that!

And as soon as I’m home again I need to pack my bag again,my friend Sandra and I are going to Falun,we are planing that but it depends on the car,hope it’s working when I’m back home!

Well so far I have been in Uppsala and Stockholm,tomorrow Visby so a lot of traveling,my vacation is to move around apparently! 

Got to go and pack the last things! 💋

Älskade traditioner and Sivlettos christmas market❄️✨☕️

Last sunday my cousin and Sandra and of course I took a trip in to Sivlettis Christmas market. I did only buy a Christmas gift for my father (thanks to the lovely girl who helped me!) and a old record to my self! I’m not going to collect old records as my friend Patrik do but this one was cheap and awesome songs on so….it did just follow me home….

So after an hour or so we went out on the streets and walked in the snowy weather to Älskade Traditioner💕 a lovely and amazing coffee shop. When you walk in it’s like you are back in 1950’s the whole environment is filled with things from that era. A jukebox with records from the time and you can eat lunch,breakfast or just stop by for a milkshake or a coffee and a cookie. We ordered coffee and milkshakes!