Well after a upside and mental breakdown after hunting ticets to Visby I finally found cheap once thanks to my grandmother. Tomorrow night I will take the boat and on Saturday I take the airplane back home. I wasn’t smart enough to buy the ticets earlier,next time I will do that!

And as soon as I’m home again I need to pack my bag again,my friend Sandra and I are going to Falun,we are planing that but it depends on the car,hope it’s working when I’m back home!

Well so far I have been in Uppsala and Stockholm,tomorrow Visby so a lot of traveling,my vacation is to move around apparently! 

Got to go and pack the last things! 💋

Älskade traditioner and Sivlettos christmas market❄️✨☕️

Last sunday my cousin and Sandra and of course I took a trip in to Sivlettis Christmas market. I did only buy a Christmas gift for my father (thanks to the lovely girl who helped me!) and a old record to my self! I’m not going to collect old records as my friend Patrik do but this one was cheap and awesome songs on so….it did just follow me home….

So after an hour or so we went out on the streets and walked in the snowy weather to Älskade Traditioner💕 a lovely and amazing coffee shop. When you walk in it’s like you are back in 1950’s the whole environment is filled with things from that era. A jukebox with records from the time and you can eat lunch,breakfast or just stop by for a milkshake or a coffee and a cookie. We ordered coffee and milkshakes!

Perfect hair,I don’t care✨

It happened today. I woke up around 04:00 pm and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I started to play around with my hair. And it tournd out perfect!✨

It did actually hold for a couple of hours outside in the windy and snowy day. My day have been totally awesome! 

I left the town pretty early and meet up a friend in Uppsala for breakfast and lunch. I have seen amazing art,old castle,a magnificent church and a library to day for! And the amazingly a 1500 years old bible. The silver bible and it was pretty cool.

I have laughed and smiled all day long. It’s have been genuine funny.

Daddy’s little girl

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,my dad tell me that all the time. And I’m daddy’s girl! This year have been more shitty than ever and I have to say that it sucks but fuck it! It’s have been the most shitty and amazing year than ever. I have grove to the best version of my self. I have meet fantastic awesome people,I have learned a lot of new stuff. I regret nothing at all! I’m bad ass enough and I will keep rock on as the true rockstar in my own life✨💪

Christmas is just around the corner

Christmas is just around the corner. i have already starting my shopping on Christmas gifts early as always. Every year I start in October to buy the gifts and planing everything. Why? I HATE the stress around Christmas! Every year the same thing when you look around,people in panic in the malls to buy the perfect gifts, get the most popular stuff and so on. For me that´s not Christmas at all,that´s just a pain in the ass.

I love to wrap up the presents in a lovely more like a disney way. Bake saffronbuns and christmas candy. The trick to get the real Christmas feeling and no stress with the gifts and so are to plan as early as possible❤


Gingerbread = I often start in the end of November.


Wrap up the Christmas presents in the beginning of December.

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Hello November

November started with rain and storm. But know on the evening it’s snowing.

Today I got my last stuff after months from my former love. It’s a chapter and a book to close now. All my emotions are kaos but it will calm down sooner than I expect.

From now it’s all about me,myself and I. I have a bunch of stuff to do and I will focus on that and still try to make all my dreams in to plans. When I write this and look out the window and see the snow…it’s make me smile and I got flashbacks from another special person who I will be able to give my full attention. Need to stop write here guys I need to make a call to this one person.

Have a lovely evening 💋

The amazing brain of mine

No point of return.Today it did actually hit me it’s only 13 days left for my tests for the Swedish army. That I’m in the best shape of my life but still I’m not satisfied yet.

And look! Had forgot this lovely cups in glas,the have been here all the time and for years eeheee pretty embarrassing that I sometimes can forget stuff like these once….